Learning about Social Media


Jillian was asked to speak at two Kildare #SMECommunity meetings last month and joined a very interesting group of people. Alison and Tara of Aliara Ltd were the hosts and joining Jillian on the podium were Wendy from My Chef at Home, Jim from Glic-IT and Matt from Halo Café.

The topic to speak to was social media, and in particular Twitter. Between the talks and the conversations afterwards, Jillian learnt a huge amount and had a lot of fun. In her own words:

“Being asked to speak is always a privilege and I was delighted to accept Alison’s kind invitation, but I was also quite nervous as I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, but I went with expectations to learn and learn I certainly did.

“Wendy, or My chef at Home as she is known in Twitter land, has build up a significant following and business purely from Twitter. With no marketing budget to speak of, she has joined conversations, found friends and now helps moderate conversations on Irish food. I learnt from her about the possibilities of one woman’s voice in cyberland.

“Jim, he of the erotic kitchen utensils, no I misread that, exotic kitchen utensils, had a fascinating story to tell of his friend and artist who tweeted and blogged and flickered his way around Ireland on a bike. Art and Technology definitely all mixed up and then tweeted to the masses.

“And finally Matt of Halo Café, he’s a bit of a tweeting legend and did you know he invented the iScone?

For lots of fun, business opportunities and raw enthusiasm, join #SMECommunity on Twitter: @halocafe @mychefathome @psneeze @aliara_ireland

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