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We are introducing a new concept into our blog! Some of our clients are in the B2B consultancy business so we are offering clients the opportunity to have a soapbox to offer advice to other PPR clients and in so doing open up new networking possibilities. This week Charley Swords of Swords Consultancy offers advice […]

Green necktie: Creates an easy balanced ambiance. You can show your sense for harmony and stability. Men wearing green neckties are usually conventional and bounded to traditions and are usually environmentally conscious. Yellow necktie: Mostly worn by intelligent men, who like having an authoritive  position. Yellow means being interested in details and having an open […]

Don’t believe it?  Looking outside at the endless rain or inside at the falling stocks and credit crunch and it’s hard to imagine that we are living in Utopia now.  This is, at least, the contention of Prof Jones, from the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London, who believes the mechanisms […]

Someone very wise said business and pleasure shouldn’t mix. We could partially disagree and say a bit of fun never did any harm! However, in these online social networking days, this rule has become a true gem of traditional wisdom and should be applied when choosing a networking site (and, indeed, populating it with your […]