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When is a brand not a brand? When it mutates into something quite different from the original.   A classic example is that of Wartime UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  A recent poll found that one in four children in the UK thought his name, his brand, was actually that of the nodding dog in […]

  Viral marketing – the marketing strategy whereby individuals are encouraged to pass on marketing messages though largely untraditional and mostly non commercial avenues – has a mixed reputation. Its very name gives a clue to the possible sentiment it inspires – who wants to get a virus? And like a virus it can also […] is looking for brides to Trash Their Dress for Charity   Forget the acid free paper or the special dry cleaning, it’s time to pull your wedding dress from the back of the wardrobe and get trashed for charity!   The Wedding Planner is looking for willing fun loving newly weds to […]