Get Solutions – Top Tips to save Energy in Retail Outlets


By Charlie Grendon, CEO of Get Solutions

Energy Awareness

Water doesn’t just come from the sky, or electricity from the socket.  Actually they do but our job is to show you that there are many different kinds of energy available – and the cost can vary hugely depending on contracts, source and technology.

Often SMEs sign up to their energy provider, set their budget and set up their monthly direct debit without giving energy further consideration.What SMEs don’t realise is that frequently a static account quickly moves up to the premium cost level


Review your bills

The next step is to review your bills. There are many aspects to examine closely – it is not just cost per kilowatt. Did you know your bill consists of several service charges, and these can vary or increase dependant on the supplier.  Also, if you exceed your agreed level of kilowatts then you can jump into a punative cost per unit – rather like a loan shark.

We are happy to provide a procurement billing review as an annual service for you on a complimentary, no obligation basis.


Use Energy Saving Technologies

Switching from regular bulbs can make a huge difference on your monthly bills. Initially, we recommend LED lighting which can reduce your cost by as much as 66%. With a single swap out. However, there is a warning – make sure you only purchase quality products. Sub standard lighting can not only maintian your levels of cost through increased maintenance but also damage fittings.


Reduce your usage

There are many simple steps to reduce your consumption of energy. Turning down a thermostat or setting timers is a good start and can significantly and positively impact your bills.

Turning to clever inventions can also assist – such as the addition of a Solar Cool product which when fitted to cold storage, heating or air-conditioning units can deliver energy savings of between 40 and 53%.


Change your provider

Are you still in contract? Many SMEs fall out of contract without notice and continue to pay premium bills. The first step is to examine your contract, make a note of when you are released or take action immediately if you are unencumbered.

When looking for better priced energy do not rely on cost per unit alone. This can be impacted by standing charges and penalty rates if consumption goes up.  Ask questions of your provider – do not be swayed by a seemingly low unit rate, or ask us to find the best deal for your individual needs. Get solutions provide this service without charge. Keeping you informed every step of the way.


Maintain your equipment

While new technologies can save you money, so too can old fashioned maintenance. An old or creaking unit can cost more money to run than newer, more sophisticated and energy efficient machines. Again, attention to detail on your usage surges can highlight possible energy pits, and our software can help you identify this by monitoring specific socket outputs to help stay on top of your energy levels.

Think Energy, Think Get Solutions





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