Woodlands Falconry at Rathwood hosting free flying displays during school holidays


flying displays at Woodlands Falconry, Rathwood

Woodlands Falconry, the educational bird of prey centre at Rathwood, will be hosting free flying displays during the Summer holiday period. The bird of prey flying displays will start on Sunday 15th July and will take place from Wednesday to Sunday at 4pm until September, weather permitting.

Woodlands Falconry at Rathwood opened in 2009 and currently homes over 30 birds, including hawks, falcons and owls. The free displays will give visitors a chance to see some of the centre’s residents in full flight. Other activities at Woodlands Falconry include guided hawk walks, courses for people interested in falconry and school tours.

Since its opening, the centre has also been home to many rescue birds.

“We look after them and, once they are healthy again, we release them again to the wild,” explains Tommy Byrne, from Woodlands Falconry at Rathwood, who has been working with birds of prey for over 20 years. “At the moment, apart from our permanent residents, the kids can also meet and play with Henry; our baby Blue Parakeet. Henry is four weeks old and was rejected by his mother at birth so we are hand-rearing him.”

For more information on Woodlands Falconry:

Contact Tommy or Carol on 0599156878


Woodlands Falconry Facebook Page for more pictures and information

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