Paddy Power viral marketing



Viral marketing – the marketing strategy whereby individuals are encouraged to pass on marketing messages though largely untraditional and mostly non commercial avenues – has a mixed reputation. Its very name gives a clue to the possible sentiment it inspires – who wants to get a virus? And like a virus it can also multiple exponentially, growing rapidly through each digital generation. We have to say the best example of viral marketing was brought to us this month by Paddy Power Bookmakers. Renowned for their zany marketing, they excelled themselves for the Ryder Cup. No matter that we lost (and we apologise to the golf aficionados in our ezine community) but check out their little joke at’The%20Pro’&gs=Godsil&gc=Coolattin%20Golf%20Club&ght=Coolboy&gh=0 What a hoot. What a virus! Well done to the lads at Paddy Power! (to trick your friends click here

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