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While everyone agrees that happy employees are more productive employees, not all companies are prepared to invest time and money into ensuring employees are happy.  It’s a simple enough stratagem, but one which companies can ill afford to ignore, especially in these difficult times, says marketing guru James Lenehan, managing director of WIN WIN.   […]

For fans of Jade Goody, OK! Magazine has been the ultimate source of information about the reality television star’s battle with terminal cancer. However, the celebrity magazine made a huge misjudgement after publishing a ‘tribute’ edition that was billed as containing the “final words” of the 27-year-old former Big Brother contestant, two weeks before she […]

Last week, Dr. Ross Ardill became the first doctor ever to face a disciplinary inquiry by the Medical Council of Ireland open to the public. Dr. Ardill’s offence was to use inappropriate language when treating one his patients to whom he recommended getting some ‘rumpy pumpy’ to help her relax and get some sleep.    […]

We are introducing a new concept into our blog! Some of our clients are in the B2B consultancy business so we are offering clients the opportunity to have a soapbox to offer advice to other PPR clients and in so doing open up new networking possibilities. This week Charley Swords of Swords Consultancy offers advice […]

Someone very wise said business and pleasure shouldn’t mix. We could partially disagree and say a bit of fun never did any harm! However, in these online social networking days, this rule has become a true gem of traditional wisdom and should be applied when choosing a networking site (and, indeed, populating it with your […]

The Curate’s Egg: Good and Bad in Parts  They say ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ but perhaps that belief belongs to the Max Clifford School of thinking.  For most companies involved in business communications, bad publicity is not a good thing at all.The winner of the ‘Funniest Joke’ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, […]

Sarkozy may be unique to the male species: he can multitask. When he visited the great and good in Irish Politics, he found time to text during his brief press conference. The familiar ‘text has arrived’ tinkle sounded several times during the conference and Sarkozy was unable to resist. This is not the first time he has […]