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The essence of good public relations is good content. To be able to attract the interest of journalists and bloggers, your business must have news, stories to tell. Some businesses struggle to determine what would be considered ‘news’ in their organisation or separate what is news to you as a business owner and what is […]

Video sharing on the internet is becoming HUGE. However, not many companies in Ireland are using it as a way of promoting their business or services online… yet.  This is the time to jump on the band wagon before everyone else does. By doing so, the videos promoting your business will rank on top for […]

Thanks to Zara’s Planet, Jillian Godsil and Rosemarie Meleady from Practice PR, visited some of the best venues for horse riding holidays in South Africa.

Davina McCall takes time out from filming Big Brother to go on equestrian horse riding adventure in South Africa…  

According to a recent study by the National E-learning Laboratory, Google users pay no attention to Google ads and are mostly interested in the first three results of the search. The findings reveal the growing importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for business PR and Marketing purposes. In order to improve your chances of being […]

EmissionZero Unveils Largest Group of Irish Carbon Neutral Companies and the World’s First Carbon Neutral Convention Centre At a prestigious event in Dublin City Hall, EmissionZero, Ireland’s premier Carbon Consultancy, presented 12 Carbon Neutral Companies and the World’s First Carbon Neutral Convention Centre. The EmissionZero partner companies have all measured, reduced and offset their CO2, […]

Nick Mulcahy, editor of Business Plus magazine, was at the launch of Eutelsat’s Tooway high quality satellite broadband service in Dublin. Here’s the video of the event and Nick’s interviews. Enjoy it!

Relax and Be


What can I do to the make things better for myself and for my business?’ In an attempt to find the answer, lots of us are busy ‘Do-ing’ -worrying, not sleeping, getting stressed, tense. All of which proceeds to engulf us in both our personal and business lives.   This Do-ing would be worthwhile if […]

The Big Picture


As the Electoral Campaign gets under way the streets of Ireland will be covered with quite amusing shots of the different candidates. Some of them might be funny, others could be a touch scary and a moderate percentage will be just plainly hilarious. Judging by the pictures used in the campaigns, we are amazed people […]

The world is tweeting and, from a PR point of view, so should you… Ashton Kutcher has recently become the first person to get one million followers on Twitter, or ‘Tweetmillionaire’. Let’s be honest: we don’t expect our Tweets to receive as much attention as Kutchers. A- Because we are not celebrity actors and B- […]