Witches and Pumpkins at Rathwood


As the bewitching Halloween Festival approaches, children of all ages are being entertained in a novel Hallowscream Train at Rathwood, just outside Tullow, Co Carlow. The Hallowscream Train is running from Sat 20th Oct until Wed 31st.  The popular adventure is serious business says managing director, James Keogh, “This year our Rathwood fairies have been captured by a Pooka (or bad goblin to you and I) and we need lots and lots of brave boys and girls to help us find them. The rumour is that the Pooka has imprisoned the fairies in Pumpkins and brought them to his hut deep in Rathwood forest.  Wanda Witch, will lead the search on Rathwood’s Hallowscream Train and she will entertain the adventurers as they embark on their quest,” he says.

Passing the Enchanted Tree and reaching the Bridge of Invisibility the adventurers will then quietly and bravely walk to the Pooka’s Hut.  Here each child will pick a pumpkin and carry it back to the safety of the train.  Ready and waiting then for our returning heroes are Rathwood’s costumed characters that will assist in the carving of each pumpkin and, with the magic words a captured fairy is released.

It is only fair then to give each child their pumpkin to bring home and relay the tales of adventure and excitement of the day with embellishments of course.

Both parents and children are encouraged to arrive in fancy dress and there is a prize on each train for best dressed.  The Hallowscream Train can be booked by ringing Rathwood on 059 9156285 with tickets costing €10 per Child and €4 per Adult.

For more information on times and tickets contact www.rathwood.com

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