Rekindling the flame


The Olympic euphoria of London 2012 could be about to rekindle this week, as the Paralympic games start on 29th August. If the Paralympic games are half as popular and excite the public as much as the Olympic games remains to be seen. At the Practice PR office we enjoyed the games very much (particularly the Katie Taylor win) but we can’t help feeling a bit confused by the closing ceremony and all its finality and symbolism.

The Olympic cauldron was put out, dismantled and each petal given to one of the competing nations. Beautiful, indeed, if it wasn’t because the games aren’t really finished yet… or are they?

The closing ceremony does what it says on the tin: it puts an end to the celebrations. The party is over. The flame moves on. We got a few samba moves and a taste of Brazil to show us we are already en-route to Rio 2016.

But what about the Paralympics? Personally, we think the closing ceremony should have taken place after the Paralympics are finished, to celebrate the effort and quality of all athletes, equally. It would send a message that both events are an equally important part of London 2012. It would also maintain the momentum and help keep the public’s Olympic enthusiasm alive and ready for the Paralympics.

For many people, it will be hard to get back to the original excitement two whole weeks after the closing ceremony but we hope we all rekindle the Olympic flame to support and cheer as enthusiastically for our Paralympic athletes – or as the brilliant Channel 4 ad calls them, the ‘Superhumans’. They deserve it.

*A group of Irish musicians has released a track to raise funds for Ireland’s Paralympians

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