Equine Health and Welfare Conference


The Equine Welfare Conference is taking place on the 4th November at the Keadeen Hotel . Jane Myerscough, Chairwoman of IHWT explains  “This seminar is co hosted by IHWT and sponsored by Sarah Fisher and Anthony Head and Redwings Horse Sanctuary.  It will be the first conference of its kind  to be held in Ireland and Myerscough adds, “It will be the most informative and valuable seminar on Equine Health and Welfare and should not be missed”.  This conference will be of major interest to industry bodies and organisations, local Authorities, veterinarians, animal welfare groups, trainers, riders, breeders and horse owners generally. 

Equine Welfare over the past number of years has received much unwanted media attention highlighting the plight of horses in Ireland. 

“It is imperative for the future of Equine Health and Welfare, that all agencies join together to share information. By working together nationally and internationally, the capacity of all those within the industry, working and participating at various levels , can ensure that the critical factors concerning health and welfare of the equine is subject to best practice. This can be addressed using the most up to date industry information”, says Myerscough.

With leading speakers including Sharon Newsome, Irish Horse Welfare Trust

Sarah Fisher, TTouch Instructor & Equine Behaviour Counsellor

Jo White, World Horse Welfare

Dr. Andrew Waller, Animal Health Trust

Carrie Humble MBE, Equine Welfare Consultant

Steve Goody, The Blue Cross

Nicolas de Brauwere, MRCVS, Redwings Horse Sanctuary

The topics for discussion on the day will see the leading experts in their fields present on a host of topics including specific challenges to health and welfare of Equines in transportation, How S. equi (Strangles) infects so many horses around the globe and what can be done to reduce its impact and a veterinary perspective on managing equine welfare challenges etc.

“To have this high level of international expertise presenting on such key issues affords us all a great opportunity.  IHWT continues it’s commitment to developing a strategic and informed plan for progressing the health and welfare of all Equines in this country” adds Myerscough.

Equine Health and Welfare Conference is taking place on Friday, November 4th 2011

at the Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge, Kildare, Ireland.

To book your ticket just email your name and address to admin@ttouchtteam.co.uk, call 0044 (0)1761 471182 to speak to Maggie or call Carrie on 0044 (0)7779 709766 .

Suggested donation towards conference costs – €10.00 or £9.00.

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