Letshost.ie expands team in Galway

Letshost.ie team in Galway

Letshost.ie team in Galway

Galway is becoming a centre of excellence for technology and has the perfect conditions to be a destination of choice for other IT companies, according to director of Irish hosting company Letshost.ie, Daragh Mac Loughlin.

The company opened its second office in Oranmore earlier this year and the team has now expanded to four staff members within 4 months to meet demand for web hosting services across the country. Letshost.ie employs a further 3 people in its Dublin office.

“We believe Galway is becoming a centre of excellence for technology due to its supply of highly skilled staff, mainly IT graduates from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT),” explains Mac Loughlin, who is originally from Galway and a graduate from NUIG himself.

“We chose Galway for our second office as the area has ideal conditions for IT business and will definitely become destination of choice for other IT companies, making Galway one of Ireland’s up and coming IT hubs. Galway has a thriving technology community, good resources and lower set-up costs than bigger cities. These elements make the area highly attractive for entrepreneurs and we will see more companies following suit and moving to Galway.”

Letshost.ie is the largest seller of .ie domain names, selling 1 in 5 .ie domains, 20% of all Irish domain names.

“We are also looking at new projects and partnerships designed to make Letshost.ie the top hosting company in Ireland,” adds Mac Loughlin.

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