Help Your Staff To Give Up Smoking


logo-jpeg-smallSmokers take 7.5 Weeks Extra Leave Per Year

Smoking breaks during office hours now cost the Irish economy up to €5m per day in productivity according to the Office of Tobacco Control.

For every staff member who takes a smoking break every hour, a company looses over 6 hours productivity per week per smoker,” says Brenda Sweeney Director of Allen Carr Easyway Clinics. “That is 7.5 weeks of productivity per smoker per year and that doesn’t include absenteeism due to smoking related illnesses.”

“According to Dr Michael Boland, chairperson of the Office of Tobacco Control, the majority of smokers ‘want to quit’ and employers should actively assist employees who want to give up,” says Brenda.

“Investing time and resources in smoking cessation programmes is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. The medium to long-term benefits are significant.”

Many corporations in Ireland have chosen Allen Carr’s method to assist employees who wish to stop smoking, including Waterford City Council, AXA and ESB. In 2008, five seminars were organized for ESB staff across the country with almost 100 attendees in total. A recent follow-up survey indicated that 70% of those that attended the seminar remain off cigarettes.


Easyway is offering 10% discount for corporate clinics booked for January, February and March. For more information, contact 1890 379929 or visit

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